note no. 3 A bit about my background


I was born in a small town in the Jeseníky Mountains in northeast Czech Republic. My parents loved sports and our life was centred pretty much around basketball. My father was an athlete, winning competitions in the Czechoslovakia, my mother excelled in basketball. I was an active child. Just as my older sister, I started with gymnastics and basketball at the age of 6.

By the age of 15 I moved from home to the city to pursue my little basketball dream - playing Extra League. In my spare time, I also filled my time with action. Depending on the season I would go hiking, skiing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, swimming or running. My “yoga moment” came the last year of high school. I somehow started to loose myself in all that training and competition. My body was sending me plenty of signals that I needed to take a break. And so I did.

For the years that followed, yoga as a physical, mental and spiritual practice started to show up in my life. Taking a break from basketball and sports meant for me switching a study focus. Instead of starting to study Sports Science, I decided to do for Human Resource Management. I studied in the Czech Republic, Italy and finally I came to Denmark.

After graduating within the field of HR, I moved from the city to a charming coastal village together with my partner Christian, where I simplified my life and focused on deepening my own yoga practice. I finished my yoga teacher training in 2016 and started to teach shortly after. I found joy in incorporating yoga into my everyday, as well as inspiring others to establish their practice. Meanwhile, I got pregnant and gave birth to my little Guru, Adam. We moved first to Frederiksberg then to “smilets by” (city of smiles) Aarhus.

For the time being, I am super excited to be attending Personal Coach Training in Prague and Total Yoga Nidra Facilitator Training in Copenhagen.

I might write more about that some other time, but for now this is it.

Take care :) 




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